About Us

About Us

Ostracon Introduction.

We are a transcription company that provides timely transcription service without compromising quality, provides clients with transcendent quality transcription services and to us, that quality means more than just transcribing your audio into a professional, accurate transcript. Our consummate transcribers through sheer persistence hone the transcript to make it an oeuvre..

Through virtuoso performances and the ability to maneuver through accented calls, Ostracon Technologies has gained the dexterity to hold a vanguard position in the field of transcription. With the vision of endeavoring to stay ahead of competition with cutting-edge technologies and street-smart services, Ostracon Technologies focuses chiefly on compounding the quality standards by arraying its people and target areas with the processes and technology, and beat the clients' expectations in terms of quality and turnaround..

Our transcribers undergo experiential training to emerge as more than just transcribers. Our vendors and independent contractors sign NDAs on day one. We also enable FTP and browser-based transfer of files. So you, our clients, can rest assured that your information is unassailable..

Our Team.

The most valuable asset Ostracon Technologies has to offer to you is our highly qualified core team. We develop our business expertise with the combination of experienced, well-trained, responsible, and dedicated staff. A team of over 50 highly qualified and experienced transcribers endeavor all the time to maintain the highest quality standards. Ostracon Technologies has now diversified its services in the areas of legal, news, and medical transcription with expert transcribers, vendor companies and independent contractors..

Our Culture.

The Ostracon brand is founded on the integration of three concepts - People, Knowledge, and Environment: The rich experience of our people; the boundless knowledge that flows within our organization and between our clients; and the environment that gives context and meaning both to our people and to our clients..

By using various technological and managerial tools, we have made Ostracon Technologies a well-known brand in the field of transcription.