Business Transcription

Financial/General Transcription Services

Financial transcription is our core business and it remains our flagship product. Our experienced in-house and well equipped independent contractor transcribers discern accented audio and transcribe multiple voices, ensuring you receive a quality document every time.

We take any type of audio format and convert it to text transcripts. We provide you with your choice of a verbatim, semi-verbatim or summary transcript. We can record your webcasts too, if needed and we don't charge any additional fees for that.

Our transcription diversity includes an expertise in the following:

  • Earnings Calls
  • Investor
  • Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Interviews
  • Teleconferences
  • Seminars
  • Training Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Time Coding

News Transcription

With Ostracon Technologies, you can now receive transcripts of gavel-to-gavel coverage of select newsworthy hearings from our news transcription department. With our fast-paced, deadline-driven transcribers who are adept with reporting and noesis of current events, we provide you exact written transcripts with verified participant names.

Our transcription diversity includes an expertise in the following:

  • CEO Interviews
  • Press Conferences
  • Congressional Hearings
  • News Events